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How To Defend The Spread Offense

Spread offense guru Chip Kelly once said, “We have an attack mindset from the get-go. We’re going to try to pressure you in as many ways as we can, from the tempo we play at to the formations we run.” The spread is just as difficult to master on the offensive side as it is to develop a ...

How to Build The Best Secondary

A football team’s secondary can make or break the overall success of that squad. Today’s game no longer exists in a manner where a team primarily plays two cornerbacks and two safeties. Offenses are spreading the sets out wider with even more receivers on the field.  The only way to combat this ...

How To Build A Great Receiving Core

In today’s game, more and more teams are approaching the football season with a heavy-passing attack. Even at younger levels, we are seeing an aerial assault becoming the focal strategy of many offenses. With this new trend comes a host of new challenges, both in creating a game plan and ...

How to Beat Any Defense With a QB Platoon

In today’s game, coaches are always trying to think of new formations or game plans to keep the opposition guessing throughout the game. Depending on the personnel available, one tool that can provide immediate dividends is a quarterback platoon. Throughout this article, I’ll break down what kind ...

How to Become a Complete Cornerback

Former NFL cornerback Juran Bolden said, “Getting beat is just part of football. You show me a cornerback who’s never had a touchdown thrown against him. It happens. But when it happens, you just have to make sure you find a way to come back and compete and get your fair share of plays.” This ...

How to Become a Master Punter

Unfortunately, more often than not, the only times a punter gets his name mentioned is when he makes a mistake. For this reason, punter’s errors are often magnified, while their successes are viewed as something that’s expected. Despite this, I urge you to not underestimate the punter. In this ...

How to Become a Dominant Outside Linebacker

It’s often easy to get noticed when you’re playing the outside linebacker position. After all, they are the ones usually with the best chance of recording a sack and changing the outlook of a particular football game. However, in order to earn this recognition, an outside linebacker has to work ...

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