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All right - Triple option based offense better under center or gun? Pros and Cons.

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Depends what you want to accomplish. If you want to be better in the passing game besides just play action, I think in the gun can be better. If you want to be better running the ball and get more correct reads then under center can be better. 

When you get into the gun it gives the dive key more time to react to who has the football rather then if it happens right near the line of scrimmage. 

under center Vs. Gun is comparing Apples n oranges. They are both fruit but don’t taste anything alike. I am a gun triple guy, as I believe it creates balance between run/pass. I  run a no huddle uptempo type of system and it has been pretty successful. I also like the simplicity of the gun, because it slows the read down for the QB. I have a million reason I like the gun , but  any type of option football is awesome because it gives you a numbers advantage.

Jon Nixon
Assistant Head Coach - Offensive Coordinator

I have found that running triple from the gun makes an easier line of sight for the QB. BUT ... there is always a BUT !! Lol. I have had QB's in the past that were not good runners or throwers, so I put them under so that it made it harder on the defense to see where the ball is. Right now, I have a QB that is a very good runner and a good thrower. Therefore, I have him in the gun. We run several variations of option (veer, power, counter, midline, and speed), air raid quick pass concepts, play action off of the triple look, drop back routes, and RPO's, so placing him in the gun works best. The other reason, and I think the most important one, is that he prefers to be in the gun.