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Alex Rotsko
ad Football Coach - Marshwood High School, ME
Asked a question last year

Do the Wing T coaches teams prefer under center, shot gun or both?

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We adjust year by year with our QB, this past year we were in Gun about %40 of the time, next year I see us closer to %70. Four years ago we did not take one snap in gun.

Alex Rotsko
ad Football Coach - Marshwood High School, ME

We went from 25% shotgun to 30%, 35%, 40%. I think we'll end up there. There are advantages of both.    

It’s controlled by the pieces to the puzzle 

We started playing around with Shot-Gun in our Wing T offense around 1999 mainly to throw the football a little more. Over the years we evolved and were very successful trying to be 50/50 Gun and under center. Won't lie we were blessed with some pretty good quarterbacks and some solid wide receivers which made our attack even more lethal. We never lost our Wing T Philosophy and continued to run it's basic run and play action schemes.