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Keith Grabowski
Coach and Coordinator
Asked a question last year

How many plays/calls do you carry on your game plan from week to week? What drives that number?

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It depends on the scheme. What scheme do you run?

Jon Nixon
Assistant Head Coach - Offensive Coordinator

This can be a tricky answer! The reason I say that is, I do not have a lot of plays by number. I use multiple formations and motions to get the defense into the look I want. Plus, if we change 1 guys blocking assignment then we basically have another play. We run spread triple and have several air raid concepts, so getting the defense in the look I want is my main goal. I will carry at least 1 trick play into each game that is made up just for that team. I don't always run it, but the kids like the trick play's and it livens up practice. So to answer the question, I have 5 runs, each has a play action with 3 different routes, 2 WR screens, 1 RB screen, 3 quick routes, and 4 drop back routes.