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Tony DeMeo
Retired Head College Football Coach
Asked a question last year

What stats do you emphasize with your team?

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Mike Giancola
Defensive Coordinator

On Defense, we stress "Loot" plays.  These are what you could call Defensive Explosion Plays.  Our goal is to limit offensive explosions and create defensive ones (offensive explosions for us are 13+ yds in the run and 20+ yds for pass).  These go beyond turnovers.  We don't look for a certain number, but rather a ratio of +12 per game over offensive explosions.  Don't care how we get to +12, but the idea is if you can get to that ratio you put yourself in a pretty good position to win the football game.  Here's an example of our Loot Chart to track this stuff.  It gets posted in the locker room every Monday.

What stats do you emphasize with your team?