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Zach Slaney
MS Defensive Coordinator, Varsity Video/Statistician/Quality Control Specialist
Asked a question last year

When scouting an opponent's offense, what is the first tendency or item you look for as you begin game planning?

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We start with formational tendencies

I don’t look for anything specific at first.  I just watch it and see what comes to me as I watch it. Then I break it down into minute detail, and see what the analytics show me.  This way I’m not ever mislead by my bias’.  Then I start watching key individuals and how they play in various situations (ie. Aggressive, patient, wasted movements, etc).  I especially am looking for who they read and what their keys are, as well as what they like to bite on,  so I know how to confuse them and put them in “no win” situations.  Of Course, I’m always looking for the weakest links on that side of the ball too, and making sure our QB knows where our best match-ups are.  As a general rule, I don’t like to let the defense dictate what I’m going to do though, although, with a heavy RPO and read offense, we are taking whatever the give us on a given play. 

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