The Evolution of Air Raid Passing Concepts

Air Raid passing concepts are everywhere, but they go under drastic changes every single year.

And if you don’t keep up with the changes, your opponents will and you’ll always be one step behind.

The beauty of football is how it always is growing and evolving — and Coach Coltharp from 92 Mesh Group created a course called Evolution of the Air Raid 2022: Quick Passing Game where he showcases the changes that he’s made over the past year.

I always go to coaches like Coach Coltharp for the latest news because I know they’ve been running the Air Raid with success for years. So when they speak up, I listen and especially so when it’s about how they’re adapting.

Course Contents

Here are the passing concepts that Coach Coltharp goes over:

  • Introduction
  • Hitch
  • Flat
  • Stick
  • Slant
  • Corner

And these downloads are available:

  • Course Presentation
  • Air Raid Playbook
  • Practice Wizard

What You Learn in Evolution of the Air Raid

Coach Coltharp goes through each concept so that you can understand the basics, but he focuses on how he’s changed or tweaked the concepts to address the problems that defenses were giving him. So if you aren’t familiar with the Air Raid, click HERE to learn the most common passing concepts. 

Hitch/Boot Passing Concept

One of the most interesting concepts that Coach goes over is what he calls the “Hitch” concept.

See it below:

In this concept, the quarterback will throw the hitch only if it’s wide open.

If it isn’t he’ll just rollout out to normal bootleg routes. This play is genius because it attacks the whole field.

Usually when you run a rollout of a boot, you have to do so with the understanding that you’ve “deleted” one half of the field.

With this concept, you can make the defense hesitate and be late to the flow while maintaining a classic bootleg in your offense.

If you’re interested in what else Coach goes over, check out the first lesson (it’s free) below:

Who Should Take This Course

If you are familiar with Air Raid passing concepts, then this course will help you take your quick game one step ahead of the defense. 

Many coaches use the quick game either as an extension of their run game (and as RPOs) and to give their quarterbacks easy completions. 

That means it’s vital to protect these plays and to always be one step ahead of the defense. If the defense can take away your quick game, they can easily shut down your offense.


Coach Coltharp’s courses extremely helpful for the person who’s been running the these quick game concepts, but needs that extra “juice” in them to help their offense keep moving forward.

The game moves fast and you can’ afford to be left behind.

When the Air Raid started, it wasn’t even a “Spread” offense. They had multiple backs and a tight end.

Keep moving forward and evolving.


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