How to Drill Wide Zone with a Half-Line

The Wide Zone play requires a lot of time and effort if you want to achieve success. So you've got to have a solid drill that gets lots of reps and still benefits every player involved. This wide zone half line drill does just that. This drill is set up using the entire width of the field ...

How to Drill Double Team Destruction

In this article, I will continue to go through how I teach my players to defeat different blocks and will provide some of the drills that I use in order to help them beat the blocks they will see each game. Double teams are very tough for defensive linemen to take on and beat. In my ...

How to Drill Wide Receiver Screens

Learning to drill your wide receiver screens effectively and efficiently makes your offense a true, full-field attack. The drill doesn't require pads and you can get lots of reps, so you can get good at it quickly. And when you get good quickly, you'll have the defense running from sideline to ...

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